Lets face it, parenting doesn't come with an instruction manual and we parents need ALL the help we can get !!!
Most parents have heard of or seen a chore chart or a reward board.  You might be wondering if it's really the right tool for your family?  Here's a few questions to help you decide:
Would you like your kids to have chores?
Would you like your children to actually do their chores without complaining?
Would you like your kids to use good manners?
What about having your children do their homework without delay?
Stop whining?  Brush their teeth? Play nicely?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you probably want to learn more about the Kids Reward Board.

From Supernanny to the American Academy of Pediatrics, child experts agree that positive reinforcement is the most effective way to motivatea and encourage kids or even to deal with behavioral concerns.

The Reward Board provides parents with a simple tool that can help decrease instances of negative behavior and increase instance of appropriate behavior through positive reinforcement.

When parents acknowledge and reward a child's good behavior they generally continue to exhibit the desired behavior.  Kids can learn to control themselves and choose actions that are positive and pleasing to their parents.

The Reward Board is a simple, reusable, customizable magnetic board.  It's a simple concept to follow and it can also be played as a game if desired.

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Magnetic, dry erase, fully customizable reward board. 
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